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We provide many ad formats

Stand out of the crowd with advertising that features engaging, interactivity and high CTR. We offer a wide choice of top performing ad formats - in-page, web, native and pop.

Web Push
In-Page Push
Push notifications that appear on the screen of the user's PC, phone or tablet.
  • Deliver your offer directly to a user’s device, even if he is not browsing the web page.
  • Keen followers’ database
Native ad format looks like push notifications
  • Target all OS
  • Target all browser types
  • User gets in-page push ads while browsing the website.
Pop-up windows which appear in the foreground of the visual interface.
  • Low cost
  • Massive audience coverage
  • Adapts to any device
Native ads are assimilated into the web site and consist of an image and text.
  • Traffic corresponds to the core audience
  • Not blocked by special programs or extensions
  • Adapts to any device


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